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We deal with

Together, founders of BIMgraFX™ bring over forty years of experience working on complex projects ranging from airports, hospitals, schools, commercial buildings and interiors, industrial and technical buildings to private residences. Through this experience, the firm has developed a sophisticated and thorough approach to design, the technical development, design coordination, code analysis and document production. The firm believes that such deep knowledge of execution, construction, and project delivery is critical to the mutual success of both the firm and its clients.

Design BIM

The firm believes that all projects benefits from an integrated process involving client, architect, builder and other specialists in an informative collaboration

  • Architectural BIM
  • Structural BIM

Parametric Design

BIMgraFX is now looking for a promising start in the areas of sculpt geometries utilizing the skill set in the areas of Dynamo, Rhino & Grasshopper

  • Complex facade modeling and resolving.
  • Developing complex design algorithms.
  • Consulting for designs of non-uniform Facade, roofs or any building components.
  • Development doubly Curved geometries.
  • Solar Shading Analysis.
  • Light weight semi open structures

Construction BIM

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a new approach to building project delivery that uses data to create an information-rich model of a facility to improve the design, construction, and operation of the facility.

  • 3D BIM Services
  • 4D BIM Services
  • 5D BIM Services
  • Value Engineering Services

CAD Services

The construction document sets are created to communicate the design intent and specifications to contractors, design professionals, engineers, manufacturers and suppliers.

  • CAD conversions
  • PDF to CAD
  • Paper to CAD
  • Raster images to CAD
  • CAD Customization
  • Custom built CAD customization

Visualization & VR

We harness the creativity, diversity and imagination of our skill set while ensuring that the technology we create and enhance continually.

  • Photo-realistic architectural rendering (interior and exterior)
  • Project 360° Virtual Tour (Using Head Mounted Devices)
  • Product Rendering and Demonstration
  • Object 360° view

Training & Implementation

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an integrated approach to building project delivery that uses data to create an information-rich model of a facility to improve the design, construction and operations.

  • ATC courses use authorized courseware.
  • ATC courses are taught by Autodesk Certified instructors.
  • ATC course quality is monitored by Autodesk.