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CAD Services

CAD Conversion

BIMgraFX is the right choice for our Vectorization requirements, We will provide you the Vectorized drawings as per the industry standards. We will produce the CAD drawings by redrawing as the concept by considering your manual drawing as reference instead of just treating that as an reference image. Output can be any required format i.e either DWG or DWF or as per your requirement.

Converted CAD drawings will dimensionally accurate, legible in presentation. We use all advanced CAD management to tools to give you more freedom to control the drawings the concepts are like Xref’s, Attributes, layouts and Basic standard concepts like Layers, Blocks, Styles, Dimension Styles and plot styles which are named as per AIA naming standards.

BIMgraFX strength’s in CAD Conversion

The following list are BIMgraFX Strength’s,

  • Well trained and experienced team.
  • We redraw the drawings with concepts in an motivated working environment.
  • We have Server based backup system, which will not have problems with data losses.
  • Highly configured workstations.
  • Deliver of the projects at right and committed time schedules.
  • We have sufficient Uninterrupted power backup.
  • Leased & Dedicated Internet connectivity.

CAD Customization

BIMgraFX is the final stop in locating your partner who can associate with you to assist in getting your required concept in CAD environment. We will help you to customize your CAD application as per your design needs, by creating the user defined functions with all logical and parametric to execute the drawing process with your customs inputs. The Functions can be executed through Commands prompt, Menu’s and tool bars.

CAD customization will help you to get the drawings at very fast rate with your define parameters and by avoiding the usage of Draw, Modify and controlling the properties for the presentation. Customization allows are to take care of layers with its properties.