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Client Input

  • Comprehensive compilation of client inputs/deliverables.
  • Raise Technical queries (TQs).
  • Pre-approve sample delivery sets.
  • Employer’s Information Requirement
  • (EIR)/ BIM Execution Plan.

Project Workflow

  • Detailed & Comprehensive
  • Work-flow.
  • Ensuring all activities are carried out in line with the project work-flow.
  • Regular Client Reporting.


  • Day to day client communication.
  • Point of contact for every project.
  • Face to face interaction with
    team leaders.

Quality Control

  • Stringent QC using
    Process specific check


  • Minimum rework due to phase approvals from client.
  • Ensuring ‘ On – time ‘ & ‘Cost Effective’ delivery.

Client Feedback

  • Client feedback through defined form.
  • List learning and corrective actions.

Quality Management

  • Compliance to laws and regulations
  • To ensure that the design is consistent with facility
  • performance objectives specified by the client
  • To achieve project execution specified requirements.
  • To minimize cost and duration of contracted design work
  • To contribute to “design optimization process”.

Quality Assurance: To make sure you are doing right things, the right way
Quality Control: To makes sure the results of what you have done are what you expected.
Quality Management: Quality Management is a continuous progression that needs to be cultivated from the very first step, and is not the final destination.

Data Collaboration and Communication

If Client requires, we are ready with

  • Blue Beam PDF adoption across the studio would help us to track
    follow-ups and update the day to day client comments
  • BIMgraFX research team involved in BIM implementation which
    makes as a huge difference and their involvement in QA/QC makes a
    humongous difference in project timely deliveries.
  • For client management information system a QA report on each project
    is issued to concerned clients every month.
  • BIMgraFX process and procedures allow teams to plan, execute, con-
    trol and achieve specified goals and meet specific success criteria.

Client Technical Communications

All process and systems are reviewed and updated periodically with both parties
adopting a common data environment (CDE) which helps them in
• Reducing the time and effort required to check.
• Extracting selections of the latest approved data from the shared area
• Reducing coordination checks
• Document review process, Blue beam PDF collaboration
• CDE environment in case of Revit server arrangement is not available.
• BIM360 cloud based documentation and reporting documentation at
additional price.

Team Exchange

  • For direct interaction one full time resource from our end at
    Client office.
  • Coordination and Making process as a paramount with strong
    NDA (Non Disclose Agreement) policies.
  • Day to day client communications with team leads
  • Weekly data transfer
  • Monthly status report
  • Half yearly face to face meetings or team lead exchange to
    offices at a shared expense basis with the client.
  • Daily time sheets log in access can be provided at request
  • Forsight – Collaboration will be successful if parties approach
    it with an eye towards future technologies and opportunities to
    work together.