FM Data (Assets and COBie)

Assets Data

Important and relevant information (drawings, manuals, schedules, specifications and inventory) are stored in a comprehensive 6D BIM model, created especially for purposes of Asset Management.

Whenever important changes to the building occur (such as building systems upgrade), our designers make the changes to the model accordingly, keeping everything up-to-date and making sure our clients never miss a task or fail to handle procurement.


COBie Data

Construction Operations Building Information Exchange or COBie is the newest and the next-gen service that has completely changed the way of thinking and constructing the building in a systematic and proper way. In COBie the data is received in a standard data format that is used in the gathering of the information during its level of design and construction phases. This is a digital storage of the information which is subsequently transferred to the operations and maintenance (O&M) team during facility management.

COBie is the process that assists and helps in capturing and storing the important data of the project and that too includes the point of origin. For a successful implementation of COBie service, the requirement is to have proper product data sheets, a list of the types of equipment, a list of spare parts, details of warranties and guarantees, etc. and many other data. This set of information plays a vital role as it supports the operational, managerial, and asset management once assets are derived in the service.


FM Integration

BIMgrafX understands that the potential of BIM goes beyond that of constructing buildings and extends over to address facility management and operations throughout the entire life cycle of the facility. The seamless integration of BIM-FM results in significant reduction of the operating costs over the life-time of the facility.

This information is available to the user through a customized proprietary web-based environment, ensuring the owner has global accessibility. The Owner or Facility Manager will have full access to a simple yet powerful virtual building model containing relevant information to manage property, building systems, and components for the life of the facility.