Project Management

bimgrafX assists in building project plans with the optimum use of technology and added value to your deliverables. As a BIM Solution provider, we will evaluate the project requirements, timing and complexity and provide a structured framework for your project teams, including:

  • Creating a resource plan
  • Enabling a BIM workflow between all the involved teams.
  • Producing the technical action plan to drive the use of the technology.
  • Managing the risks associated with BIM technology use in your environment.
  • Providing leadership and assistance to project teams during the execution phase.
  • Monitoring the general progress and results of the project



  • Collaborative BIM project review aids decision support
  • Improved Construction lifecycle management
  • Managed Estimating, QS, Tendering and Procurement
  • Integrated processes bring time and cost savings.
  • Managing cost base ensures project budget control.
  • Accurate and real-time status to all project stakeholders
  • Understanding the impact of change reduces costs.
  • Complete traceability and accountability


Quality Management

BIM delivers quality assurance to any design and construction project. To gain advantages of BIM, one needs to update their team processes and make the most use of the latest technologies. At bimgrafX, our team goes one step ahead and guarantees that outcomes match quality assurances in design delivered by BIM. Using BIM to centralize data and data management across one digital dataset makes quality assurance across design and construction more robust.

At BIMgrafX, we have a dedicated team and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for every design stage deliverable prepared based on our earlier experiences. These SOPs are used at every deliverable milestone or as per Client requirements to ensure there are no errors.



It is one of the most widely used features of BIM. Our customized clash reporting formats and clash tracking systems aid in the accurate detection of clashes.

Our extensive experience working with multiple CAD and BIM platforms enables us to deliver a clash-free MEP model for your building. We empower MEP contractors and consultants in carrying out the efficient installation of MEP systems by avoiding any rework or material wastage. BIMgrafX integrates the BIM model in Revit/Navisworks to produce clash reports. A dedicated clash manager is allocated to every project. The clash manager documents and tracks the status and history of each clash. We allocate a virtual project coordinator who conducts weekly online clash review meetings bringing together all sub-contractors and construction managers to resolve each clash individually until coordination drawings are obtained from the model.

Our 3D coordination and clash detection services help contractors and engineers complete projects within the stipulated timeframe and a specified budget.


Global Delivery

With over 15 years of experience in delivering projects across the globe, we are leaders in applying digital technology in the design & delivery of projects. We cover all the digital delivery steps, from design review with virtual reality to detailed BIM management working alongside the project team to global management and overview of project models. We regularly perform a dedicated BIM Management role to ensure the delivery of our projects from all team members is compliant with requirements for innovation-led developments. Our Technical Consultants are experts in unifying the 3D collaboration effort and, we have seen that better collaboration yields better results on the building site.


BIM Management

bimgrafX is a specialized and growing virtual design and construction organization that offers BIM consulting services to Architects, Engineers, General Contractors and Owners, among other Services.

We understand clients requirements and specifications – our data-driven approach tackles people, processes, and technology to deliver a holistic solution. We bring deep, functional expertise and are known for our ability to deliver results to clients. We blend a perfect mix of human capital and technology to complete our BIM consulting engagements.

BIM delivers better, faster, and cheaper results – but the challenge is in realizing the benefits. It takes months or even years to transition from 2D to 3D models and experience significant challenges in learning the recent technologies and integrating workflows with existing enterprise systems. That is where bimgrafX comes in. We provide turnkey solutions for Building Information Modeling (BIM) for clients in Architectural, Engineering & Construction (AEC) industries. Because of our extensive BIM experience for more than a decade in vertical and horizontal complex projects, we can ramp up on clients project efficiently and optimize existing workflows.

Our BIM management experience ensures that BIM will drive significant end to end efficiencies during the design & delivery process. Designers, engineers, cost consultants, contractors, manufacturers, owners, and operators will benefit from the sophistication produced by our professionally managed digital process.