bimgrafX team was fortunate enough and extremely proud to work on EXPO 2020. We worked on the infrastructure, landscape, and façade works of the Mobility Pavilion and 3-star hotel & a uniquely designed EXPO Mosque during the design stage, along with other 14 other operational pavilions.

We are thankful and also proud of our Dubai team who were deployed with consultants during the design phase and continued contact with the contractors on reviewing their sub-contractor models.

Our special mention is Firdous Orchestra, which is also known as A R Rehman’s pavilion where our Project Coordinator has played a major role.

Our special kudos to our Hyderabad team, who were involved in large numbers by producing the required BIM data in a timely manner. It’s a unique experience to be part of this major program in the Middle East, where we were part of the team during design, construction, onsite coordination and most importantly handing over phases.

Our teams had spent many hours with a lot of hard work in resolving the clashes, extensive BIM coordination, creating asset data, and COBie data and there were many moments of frustration and pain, but all that disappeared when we saw the way EXPO2020 turned out.

It’s an incredibly proud moment for all BIMgrafX family members who are directly or indirectly involved. We are thankful to the creators and the UAE leadership to bring this wonderful opportunity to Dubai and congratulate the EXPO2020 team, various consultants, and contractors to make this happen.

We wish the grand success for EXPO2020, as their success is our success too!!