20 Metcalfe Road, Ranui
20 Metcalfe_1080
  • Project Name :
    20 Metcalfe Road
  • Our Client | Architect :
    Ghostpaeper Studio
  • Location :
    Ranui, New Zealand 
  • Project Details :

    Land Area:1012 m2

    Built-up Area:765 m2
    Construction Cost:$ 2.3 Million

Project Brief :

Located in Ranui, close to the Sturges road station, the client brief was to develop a max- imum number of three-bedroom units with car parking. Ghostpaeperstudio has achieved a combination of Seven units with four units as free standing units and three units in a townhouse format. Six units have their own dedicated garages with car parking.

Scope :

3D Visualization Services