Parametric design, Automation

Parametric Design

We help international clients to create and optimize project and product designs using parametric modeling. bimgrafX has adopted custom workflows that enable easier and faster design variations and modifications. Our teams have been part of several construction projects to develop realistic parametric models that help visualize and make informed decisions about the product. Our modelers utilize a feature based, structured modeling process to create parent-child relationships and parametric relations between various attributes to resemble the real behavior of the original project. We ensure that a design modification by changing a dimension value triggers rebuilding of the solid features in a prescribed manner as required by the client.

Automation as a Service

We can dynamically create plan, elevation and section views for prefab elements, floor finish as per room boundary, and 3D model views in Revit by reading clash report in Navisworks. Our services include:

  • Dynamic material management, performing calculations and reporting
  • Automated plan reviews to facilitate compliance with building codes
  • Revit content standardization
  • Automation of steel framing/rebar detailing tasks
  • Automation of civil and structural calculations