Still & Animations

3D Modelling

With many years of experience in the 3D architectural visualization industry, we have gained the knowledge and expertise required to handle 3D architectural rendering projects of all sizes, types and complexities. As a well-reputed 3D visualization company based in Hyderabad, we provide cost-effective services to a broad range of clients Worldwide.

Trusted by leading builders, architects, developers and government agencies, we plan and create 3D renders for new homes, renovations, warehouses, retail shops and other commercial and industrial establishments.


High – End Visualization

Exteriors :

If you’re looking to showcase a new building design, property development or get a feel for how your new home will look before its built then let 3D Revolution create a 3D Exterior Photorealistic Render for you, we can take your simple 2D Drawing and turn your vision into a reality.

Interiors :

3D Interior Rendering is also important to let the interior designers and architects get a better view as to what their final design will look like. The whole purpose of the process of 3D Interior Rendering is to create a 3D Interior based on the designers and architects ideas. The designers can take a closer look at the designs that are created by him or her. This technology helps both the architects, interior designers as well as those with the construction business to create a 3D model of the interior and the exterior models of the buildings.


Animation & Walkthrough’s

We can create some fantastic 3D walk through tours of your project, more and more people are using video to market their projects with huge success let us help you do the same.

Here at bimgrafX we offer two versions of our 3D Walk through tours.


We use different tools to build these beautiful walkthrough’s and use Abode after effects on the movie.

These are time consuming projects which take our team between 3-4 weeks per project but the wait is so worth it.

Still Renders

Panorama 360 Renders