Shaik Ahmad Shafi

Sr. Project Architect

Ahmad Shafi is a seasoned architect with 13 years of extensive experience in the field. He has worked in a number of well-known architecture firms, serving as a senior architect and playing a key role in the design and coordination of a wide range of projects, including residential, mixed-use, commercial, and institutional buildings. He has a deep understanding of architecture, which he has honed over the years, and has demonstrated his ability to build and lead architectural and structural teams.

Throughout his career, Ahmad has been involved in the design and construction of several prestigious and high-profile projects, including high-rise luxury hotels, office buildings, and entertainment facilities. This has allowed him to develop a unique set of skills and gain a wealth of experience in these specific areas. He has also been instrumental in bringing innovative ideas to the table and delivering high-quality results, which has earned him a reputation as a talented and reliable architect.