Architects / Designers

BIMgrafX strives to create functional, elegant, and sustainable buildings that are responsive to the physical and cultural contexts in which these are to be developed, and to the aspirations of our Clients.

Our in-house professional expertise and resources, and our long standing and successful association with some of the world’s renowned architectural and design consultants, greatly enhance our capabilities to undertake projects of varying types, sizes, complexities, and specialization.

Our extensive range of public and private sector projects covers institutional, medical, educational, cultural, hospitality, corporate offices, commercial, residential, sports, industrial and mixed-use developments. Backed by comprehensive computer aided drafting and Building Information Modeling capabilities, we are well-placed to continue delivering buildings of merit and outstanding architectural quality.

We develop the Architectural 3D model for the AEC industry that in turn help them to fulfill their Design and construction goals. Whether it is a small or a big project, BIMgrafX is capable of achieving a very high level of accuracy in 3D modeling services.

We create building models for owners/developers, architects, consulting engineers, main contractors, and subcontractors. Using 2D layout plans and elevations as a starting point, we create entire architectural building models to exact standards and specifications.

Interior Design

Our team delivers creative interior solutions that combine design & functionality by working closely with the client throughout the creative process, exploring every possibility and assessing the best option.

We follow a collaborative & interactive process to create exceptional environments that meet to Client’s needs. We use traditional, Custom & modern elements to create harmonious designs.

Our interiors have a distinctive, modern elegance inspired & informed by Client’s needs.

Having a vast experience, our experts will develop a top-notch 3D architectural model at LOD 100 to LOD 500 Level. Each and every aspect of model creation is analyzed carefully before it is finally delivered to our clients


The challenges of creating attractive outdoor environments have become more pronounced with increased urbanization.

We work with the latest design software; encourage regular refresher courses for our experienced staff to stay abreast of new developments; and utilize building information modeling techniques to draft and to resolve inter-disciplinary coordination issues.